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There's Hope Yet

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Hang On Apparel

Sometimes all you can do is hang on, but there is hope yet! Hang On Apparel was built around the concept that there is more to life than the daily humdrum of corporate life and working for “the man.” Tired of being a starving artist, I began this journey with the loving support of my wife, Jacki, to use my personal creative skills to live a happier life.
Hang On Apparel designs are exclusively designed by me and then made the old fashioned way in Dallas, TX. These unique graphics are screen printed on the highest quality fabrics and released in limited quantities of 100 or less. Once a design sells out, you’ll never see it again.

While we love our designs and think you will too, we love our customers even more. If you have a concept or design in mind, or simply want to offer your own apparel, we would love to help you out.


Join me on this journey to a better life,

Jason Skwarek

Jason Skwarek


  • Freelance graphics and screen print designs and sales

  • screen printing portfolio

  • freelance graphics screen print designs sales

  • graphic designer

  • freelance online

Dallas, TX USA

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